Leadership Team

Patrick J. New
President / CEO

Patrick J. New is the President and Chief Executive Offer of NEWGreen Legacy Services, Inc.

Pat founded NEWGreen in 2010, building on his extensive background as a radwaste and radioactive material program owner with First Energy’s Perry Nuclear Power Plant. Pat has more than 26 years of experience working in the industry, focusing on activities such as radioactive waste shipping, radioactive material packaging and fleet decontamination. He had oversight of the decontamination and radwaste logistics for the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, developed and implemented plant decontamination projects, as well as containment building decontamination activities. In addition, Pat also specialized in the reactor cavity decontamination activities at all three First Energy Nuclear Power Plants.

Dave Warren
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

Dave Warren is NEWGreen’s Radiation Safety Officer responsible for the safe use of radiation and radioactive materials, health and safety, environmental monitoring, as well as regulatory compliance.

Dave was discharged as a Disabled Veteran from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1986. Dave began his career in the nuclear field in 1987 at Zion Nuclear Generating Station, as a Radiation Protection Technician. Since then he has held a variety of managerial positions in Radiation Protection at several Department of Energy sites and several Nuclear Power Plants. Throughout his career, Dave built upon his education and training to develop and implement procedures and policies to increase efficiency, productivity and accountability. Dave holds a B.S.in Project Management from Colorado Tech University, received his RSO training from Dade Moeller and has extensive experience in Radiological Engineering.

Tom Oleksiak
Project / Plant Manager

Tom Oleksiak is NEWGreen’s Project and Plant Manager charged with operational oversight, project management and maintaining optimum operations and quality of service.

Tom has been in the nuclear industry for more than 36 years. Tom’s background includes Plant Operations, Maintenance and Project Management. For more than 25 years his main focus was Turbine and Generator Maintenance in the Nuclear Industry during Refuel Outages. Tom received his Project Management Professional Certification in 2008. Tom has been with NEWGreen since its inception.

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